Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kumpulan Kata-Kata Bijak Part 8

Sucess will be more meaningful if people who are around us also feel .
devotion is always wonderful for your life so you can become the best in life everlasting .
Others remembered for his kindness not because its ugliness .#We must always do something to make it special .
If you feel you are always wrong then look at the people always blame you if he's always right and better than you .
Don't ever feel oppressed but do something that you may be the greatest .
If you have two choices determine the path that you choose so that the out come will be perfect .
Control yourself many ways because with it you can also control how your life .
Sucess will make you in a slump if you fail to respond properly .
How you can stare your life when you feel life is so boring and meaningless .
Face life with a smile everything that happens happens i'll deal with the calm then all will be fine .
Consistency will make you get something you want to get .
The people just see you from you are speak .
Do something useful for you to feel that life so precious .

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